The Zipline


With a fifteen year history of building Ziplines in Asia, Ropeskills Rigging have an impressive pedigree in the world of high ropes courses.

The Coral Flyer was going to be our own facility right from the start, the first facility that we have built to operate and own so it was designed without a pre-determined budget.

While this made it very expensive it did mean that we have built to the highest standards and with the very best materials available.

Zipstop brakes ensure that you have a gentle and safe ending to the ride - with a backup in place as dictated by ACCT standards.

CMI professional trolleys ensure that you stay attached to the cable at all times

Our staff are either ARAA (Australian Rope Access Association) qualified as professional rope technicians or hold the SEACF (South East Asian Climbing Federation) Ropes Course Instructor qualification (level 2). Some hold both and more besides.

All stages are double checked and the whole facility, including harnesses, helmets and trolleys are inspected every day.

And in case you wanted to know just how strong: the cables are rated to 10 tons and are attached to 18 ton anchor blocks at either end......


Open Daily                 10 am - 3.30pm

Buy your tickets at Sapi Island Jetty

RM64 for local (Malaysian)

RM86 for Foreigner(Non-Malaysian)

Strength and Safety